Terms and Conditions

  1. Bursa V2 is the application hosted at the internet www.bursav2.uk, www.bursav2.de, www.bursav2.fr, www.bursav2.it, www.bursav2.nl, www.bursav2.es , www.bursav2.com, www.bursav2.roowned by Bursa V2 Europe S.R.L.
  2. Bursa V2 is a professional B2B self service application that uses AI (artificial intelligence) with prepaid access and admission rules, intended for operators and users of road freight transport services throughout Europe.
  3. The registration of the user in the Bursa V2 application is made strictly on the basis of the company’s data and the payment of the subscription is made only with the company card data.
  4. The users of the Bursa V2 platform use the application strictly in the name and use of the company whose servants are employees or administrators.
  5. Registration in the Bursa V2 platform is not allowed to individuals, it is a professional B2B self service application.
  6. The contact details of the company are processed by the staff of the Bursa V2 platform as being given by the public company and not as personal data.
  7. The liability for the non-observance of this rule and any consequences arising from this non-compliance lies and belongs totally to the user of the registered company, any liability of the person of the Bursa V2 platform is excluded.
  8. The creation of the company account begins by entering the tax code of the company, the name of the company and the country in which it has registered its registered office. The tax code at the level of the country of residence is unique, the same company cannot register more than once in the Bursa V2 platform.
  9. Upon registration of the company, the user declares the legal data of the company. The declared legal data will be verified by the administration of the application when granting access to the platform.
  10. The renewal of the right of access to the Bursa V2 platform is made on its own initiative, with a maximum of one month before the expiry of the current subscription.
  11. The user whose current subscription has expired remains visible for 1 week in the list of companies, with the mention that he has inactive access.
  12. The profile created by the company is responsible for all the data provided about its own structure and activity.
  13. At the request of the staff of the Bursa V2 platform or of the other community members addressed to the administration, the company has the obligation to document the declared data.
  14. The company with an active or inactive member uses the Bursa V2 platform only for its own interest; consequently, it cannot initiate or accept transport transactions created on behalf of a third party.
  15. Users do not use the platform in other interests than those of the employing company
  16. When offering a transport to check the scoring, licenses, documents that are made available to the company that is preparing to offer transport in order to avoid an incident regarding the payment term.
  17. In transport requests, the bidder’s contact data should be carefully checked so that they coincide with those mentioned in the bidder’s company profile, especially the email address and phone number, especially when the email server is not a company server, but a general server.
  18. To verify by the user of the Bursa V2 platform the transport license and the authenticity of the registration number of the truck to the extent possible after the confirmation of the transport requests.
  19. All posts made must be real (transport goods, published trucks).
  20. It is strictly forbidden the licentious language and racist expressions in the communication with other users.
  21. The data submitted about your own company for the purpose of transparency towards the application community, as well as the postings of goods to be transported or of available trucks, are used only within the Bursa V2 platform, only by the members with active subscription, and do not become public on other public access ways.
  22. The Bursa V2 platform respects the state of competition between community members and does not provide tools to which to make a supervision of their own competitors through automatic data processing.
  23. The method of discouraging the late payment of the transport invoices is based on the declarations of non-payment of the road freight transport invoices with maturities older than 60 e days and on the scoring of the user of the Bursa V2 platform.
  24. The documents necessary for reporting the non-observance of good professional practices consist of the contract or invoice attesting the non-observance of the payment term and leading to the cancellation of the services offered by the Bursa V2 application.
  25. Reporting the incident of non-payment can be declared 2 days after the contractual due date and not later than the legal term of deprecation of the receivable.
  26. The platform Bursa V2 recommends that incidents that cannot be evaluated transantly and without clear points of view should not be declared because any statement involving different and sustainable views of the declarant, will withdraw from the list of complaints or will not be published.
  27. The index reporting is made to the staff of the Bursa V2 platform in order to analyze the documentation made available by the declarant, then the staff of the Bursa V2 platform informs the author of the incident and tries to amicably solve the incident without its publication. The resolution of the incident is made by proof of payment to the plaintiff.
  28. The scoring of the Bursa V2 platform is an appraiser of the members of the Bursa V2 application that uses AI (artifial intelligence) and the Blockchain system. The data begins to be displayed in the profile of each active user of the Bursa V2 platform after the first month of the company’s activity.
  29. The modification of the conditions of use is available to the staff of the Bursa V2 platform depending on the content and circumstances that may occur in the future.
  30. The platform staff may reject the registration for links with suspended companies and based on business information that leads to a potential risk to the detriment of the platform members.
  31. The withdrawal of the right to be a member of the Bursa V2 platform are the deeds considered culpable of the company member of the application and entitle the platform’s staff to unilaterally terminate the contract with the payment of damages.
  32. In this case the company’s account is permanently cancelled for the following irregularities:

-for the attempt to mediate at a loss a transport service using the platform
-for declaring false information
-repeated non-observance of the conditions of use by its users
-using a software tool without prior authorization in consulting the application pages

33. In purpose of temporary suspension of services:

  • for one week, for the failure to provide within 3 working days the evidentiary documents, requested by the staff of the platform.
  • for one month, following the documentation of an order / contract from another company than the one that published the order
  • for one month, following the documentation of a truck confirmation from another company than the one that negotiated the takeover of the order
  • for one week for repeated non-compliance with the conditions of use
  • for one week for excessive posting of goods for which at the request of the polatforma personnel, no reasonable justifications of reality are offered
  • for one month for the loan of the profile of another company

34. For what purpose can the services be completely suspended:

  • when a large number of incidents / payment delays declared against it are gathered; suspension remains in force until the significant decrease in the number of payment incidents
  • risk to the other users of the platform, made up of the possibility of difficulty of collecting the value of the transport from the bidder; the suspension remains in force until the risk that the suspended company presents is reduced.

35. The platform staff can delete the posts of the users visibly false or multiple posted, or without the validity of the documented at the request of the platform staff.

36. The company member of the Bursa V2 platform is not entitled to the return of the equivalent value of the access rights already paid during the suspension period or of the unused subscriptions and credits in case of withdrawal of the membership of the platform.